STAY SAFE: Smart Social Media Tips to Ensure Your Safety

StaySafePostIconSocial media is a big part of our lives today. We connect, reconnect, learn, laugh, and expand our horizons using social media. Heck, if you’re reading this, it’s obvious that social media is an important part of your life. But being smart about how you use social media is an important part of staying safe in today’s world. It’s easy to let down your guard when you’re talking to friends online.

Unfortunately, not everyone who is online is your friend and you can’t always control who sees what you post. Most of us know not to divulge too much personal information in a public online space. Chances are you keep your financial information off of social media. But there is other personal information that can compromise your security. Here are a few tips about things you should avoid mentioning on social media sites in order to keep yourself safe.

  • Don’t mention specific dates you’re going to be away from home. Sure it’s fun to post pictures of your trip to Europe or Mexico, but it signals that your home may be unattended. Wait until you get back to post your pictures.
  • Be careful about posting health information. Telling the world you’re going to be having a medical procedure can tip strangers off to the fact that you won’t be home—or that you’ll have limited mobility.
  • Avoid talking about recent purchases online. You may be really excited about your new computer or TV or stereo, but not everyone needs to know about it. It could be an invitation for someone to scope out your home in order to steal those items.

If you like social media, you’re probably comfortable with online devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.). If so, click here to check out a home security system that allows you to track what’s going on in your home (from security to thermostat settings) from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

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