Stay Safe: How to Keep Your Car Safe

Next to your home, you car may be your most valuable investment. It’s certainly something you depend on every day. How can you keep your car safe? Here are a couple of tips.

Always lock your car. We all know that there are times we’re “just going to be a minute,” so we don’t lock the car when running an errand. If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Gone in 60 Seconds” you know that it doesn’t take a thief long to hijack you vehicle. It’s worth the two seconds it takes to lock your car.

Don’t leave valuables in sight. Even a locked car may present a temptation to a thief. Don’t leave wallets, purses, phones, or cameras where people can see them. Even if your car doesn’t get stolen, your property might—and you’ll have the hassle and expense of repairing the window or door.

Be careful where you park your car. At night, look for a place that’s well lit. It’s worth it to walk a few extra steps if you know your car will be in a space that’s illuminated. Light is a deterrent, so find a place to park that will make thieves avoid it.

Where you park your car overnight matters, too. Garage doors are a favorite entrance for home break-ins. An ADT Pulse® home security system can alert you if your garage door is open. Check it out here!

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