STAY SAFE: How to Get More Security from Indoor and Outdoor Lights

StaySafePostIconBurglars and thieves prefer to operate in environments where they can’t be detected. It’s why so many homeowners leave lights on in and around their residences even when they’re not at home. Sometimes, however, those lights—intended to keep invaders away—can actually be a signal that nobody is home.

Don’t be too predictable. Many homeowners use timers to turn on their lights even when the house is empty. But seasoned burglars who check out a neighborhood or house for days before entering notice patterns. Seeing your living room lights come on at the exact same time every night can actually confirm to them that nobody is home. Having your indoor lights come on at random times is more effective.

Use the element of surprise outdoors. The same is true of exterior lights. Any light is better than no light, but if an intruder gets behind your exterior lighting it can actually be harder to see him. Motion- activated exterior lights can be more effective because they can catch an intruder off guard.

If you’re looking for an easy, effective, and affordable way to control your lighting remotely, check out the ADT Pulse® security system. Not only is it affordable and easy-to-use, but it provides a lot more than simply lighting controls.

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