STAY SAFE: Avoiding Two Common Senior Scams

StaySafePostIconIf you’re a senior citizen you need to be aware that there are unscrupulous people out there who will try to take advantage of you. Here are a couple of common scams these people try to pull off on seniors—and how to avoid them.

The Desperate Grandchild Scam: You receive a call that’s supposedly from a grandchild who is in trouble abroad and desperately needs money. It’s usually a call to request money for bail or some legal crisis and the money has to be wired immediately. The caller may even know some details about your grandchild. NEVER wire money to someone until you can positively identify the whereabouts of your grandchild.

Healthcare Product Scams: As we age, we often need more devices and medications to help us live comfortably. And frankly, that costs money. Scammers can play on your desire to conserve money and offer “free” or “low-cost” equipment and supplies. The problem is that they hide extra charges in the fine print of documents you sign. Sometimes they even sign you up for tests you don’t really need. NEVER purchase from someone you don’t know. Always work with your physician or another reputable health professional when purchasing medications, supplies, or equipment.

Burglars also target the homes of seniors because they think they can take advantage of them. A good home security system can protect you against intruders—and it’s surprisingly affordable. Click here to learn about the options available to you.

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