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Smart Home Security - What’s Smart and What’s Not

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Published: October-10-2019 07:19:42 PM
Post Created By: Vaso Bjegovich

There are so many companies pushing smart devices. We have Amazon, Facebook, Google, Ring, Arlo.  So many to research and they all claim they're the best.  Which ones are really Smart though. 

Here's a simple test.  Are there devices encrypted? Do they use your wifi on an open port?   Are they Zigby or Zwave or WiFi?   Are the security devices signals sent IP primary or through an encrypted Cellular network.   Do you have to install and maintain?   Is your time worth more than $1 a day savings?

These are questions you should research and it shouldn't be based on price alone.   Follow this blog and we will address these questions one at a time  

Have a safe day!

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