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How Our Burglary Monitoring Works

When the alarm is triggered, every second counts. With six fully redundant Burglary Monitoring Centers, you can count on us to deliver the fastest alert to you and emergency response teams.

Step 1: 24/7 Monitoring

24 hour burglary monitoring in colorado springs

Strategically located across the country, our monitoring centers use powerful technological equipment to provide you with fast response protection 24 hours a day, seven day a week.

Step 2: Alarm Triggered

waterproof wristband or pendant for burglary monitoring activates a 2-way voice intercom

No matter the time of day, at the first sign of trouble simply press the button on either your waterproof wristband or pendant. A monitoring professional will be there to speak with you over the 2-way voice intercom.

Step 3: ADT Fast Response

personal assistance to dispatch emergency personnel

A caring professional will confirm whether you are OK or in need of assistance. If there is an emergency, our professional will contact the appropriate responder (police, fire department, or emergency personnel) to dispatch assistance to your home immediately.

Step 4: Call from an ADT rep.

home security professional will contact you immediately

A caring professional will contact you immediately.

Step 5: Taking Action

emergency personal dispatched including police, fire, and ems

When an alarm is valid, an ADT professional will contact the police, fire department, or emergency personnel to dispatch assistance to your home immediately.

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American Burglary Protection main panel for home security and burglary protection

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Jess Marie Keith

Dean came and sold us on this home security system and he was very professional and open to discussion. He didn't pressure us for a yes and was able to work around out budget. (: I'm very excited about our new system!

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